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With us you can register domains not under ICANN(.ac, .io, .vc, .tm, .cm, .sc).

Bulletproof Anonymous Registrar | If your domain is locked in Client Hold status, you can transfer it to us. As soon as the transfer is done, we'll unlock it

Extensions (TLD) Register Renew or Transfer
.Com 38.99 USD 38.99 USD
.Net 42.99 USD 42.99 USD
.io 100.99 USD 38.99 USD
.to 101.99 USD 38.99 USD
.asia 89.99 USD 38.99 USD
.live 97.99 USD 38.99 USD

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Why we are Different

Besides being a partner of internet activists, we're also involved in other privacy projects like IPredator VPN. In reality, we're just a customer of domain name registration services. Our job is to act as a privacy shield between you and the domain name registration service. When you buy a domain name through Us, we own it for you. The agreement between us gives you full rights to use the domain. It's easy to transfer ownership to yourself or someone else whenever you want.

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How do I Buy a Bulletproof Domain?

If you're looking for a domain name, you can use a domain broker or a domain name marketplace lime us (VpsBunker). Make sure you find an experienced domain broker who can negotiate a great price. Look for a domain marketplace with good reviews.The following methods are currently accepted by us to let you buy bulletproof domain:

  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, Blockchain, Altcoin)
  • Bank transfer
  • Payeer
  • PerfectMoney & WebMoney
  • PayPal
  • 🥇 Founded in 2015 & Trusted by 4687+ Clients Worldwide.

    VpsBunker is a anonymous domain registrar provider. Our Data Centers provide bulletfast VPS Solutions also

    Guaranteed Uptime

    Uptime of the service is guaranteed at 100%. Own Data centers provided by VpsBunker, Your server will be up and running at all times, thanks to VpsBunker for friendly, customer-focused technical support team. Available 24/7 by live chat or email.

    100% SSD Storage

    SSD storage is all you require if the fastest possible performance is your top priority. The performance of websites that are stored on (SSD) servers is significantly faster than that of websites that are stored on traditional hard disk drive (HDD) servers.

    DDoS Protection

    With our VPS Solutions, you'll be protected against DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks, all our VPS powered by OpenVz virtualization with 1-10 Gbps port speed to all our customers, Our system automatically blocks access to any traffic that is not authenticated.

    No Over Selling

    We distribute the workload equally among the servers. We promise that we will never oversell any of our servers to ensure a smooth experience. There are multiple servers that serve all of the clients at the same time.

    Malware Scan & Protection

    We take our duty to guard your website from malicious software very seriously. Every day, we scan websites for viruses that could compromise the system, and if any are found, we fix them for you.

    Full SSH Access

    All Cloud VPS plans come with an SSH port and full root access. On it, you can install any kind of software or hosting control panel you want. We always recommend using the most recent and stable Linux distribution.



    Can you buy a domain name anonymously?

    Yes, you can always buy a domain name anonymously. Domain name brokers and domain name marketplaces are two ways to do that.


    Can i ask for Refund?

    No, we do not offer refunds.